Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #2...and it is slow going.

Dining out this week and counting WW points has been a bit of a challenge.
I am not expecting the scale to budge at all, I just hope it will not go up!

Bistro lunches, a pub dinner, a garden party and a BBQ...
and wine!
( to burn off the points from one glass of wine I need to walk briskly for 5km!)

The view from The Oak Bay Beach Hotel where we celebrated Mr. HB's birthday.
The sun was setting in the west and this eastern exposure turned a soft pink shade.

The hot tubs were obviously "too hot" to use in this weather.

We drove home via the scenic route and stopped at King George Terrace lookout to take a picture of the golden sunset.

My walking route 
warm and bathed in sunlight about 8:30 in the morning.
The heat was increasing as I walked and I am so glad that I opted to do the 5km early rather than later...

Quite a few walkers and joggers were out and about...
the sea was calm and the air still.

This is part of the route that the Tour de Victoria cyclists peddled their bikes along...

I don't own a bike but have been looking longingly in the window of the Fairfield Bicycle Shop
The Pashley bikes from the UK are on display in their window
British Racing Green and Fire Engine Red
what would I choose?
And it absolutely MUST have a wicker basket!

The Humble Bungalow Garden is chock full of blooms.
A riot of of roses and loads of mop head limelight hydrangeas...

We are having a heat wave and the intense heat affects my energy level.
Despite drinking lots of lemonade and iced tea I feel rather sluggish.
We are not used to high temperatures and there has been very little in the way of cooling ocean breezes... 

We have kept the blinds closed and opened most of the windows a crack... 
(so that the cats do not escape)

I am totally absorbed with this new novel.
Sitting in a Morris Chair in The Humble Bungalow living room keeping cool
is not a bad way to spend a hot afternoon.

A dip in a pool would be nice...
but I will make due with a refreshing shower.

How was your weekend?
Have you got a good book that you can recommend?

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~